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Life on the Trans-Siberian train.

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Each day followed the same pattern. Wake up between 7 and 9 local time, get up and eat breakfast. On 4 different nights the train traveled into the next time zone so you would get up at 8 and then find out it was in fact 9. The train stayed on Moscow time for the whole journey and the station clocks also displayed Moscow time. This made things confusing at times when the clocks said it was 2am and it was already mid-morning. After looking out of the window at the countryside for a few hours it was time for lunch. Many hours of looking out the window later time for tea. Later on in the evening I was walk down to the restaurant car and have a cup of tea, just for a change of scene.

Apart from sitting looking out of the window there was nothing else to do. I had books on a kindle and films on a laptop but during the day the view from the window won every time. The whole trip was very relaxing and gave me lots of time to not think about what was happening in the rest of my life outside of the train. The main highlight each day was when there was a 15 - 30 minute stop at a station. Everyone got off and stretched their legs. There were either shops on the platform or people selling goods. Some days I bought rolls, fruit and fruit juice. One thing I did miss was not walking any distance for some exercise.

On the last day the train ran alongside the Chinese border for 30km. most of the time between 30 and 50 meters from the tract but on a couple of occasions we were only 10 meters from the fence.

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